Congratulations to all our Top 5 Finalists!

Marina City


"Bolstered by a dedicated fanbase of Lost Ones and an impressive roster of accomplishments for a band of their size, Marina City are teetering on the precipice of being the next big breakout."


Kansas City

"This Alternative Rock/Pop singer-songwriter who started writing music at the age of 14 captures the hearts of young and old with geniously composed songs and powerful lyrics driven from painful life stories that relate to so many."

Migrant Motel

Los Angeles

"Migrant Motel, the rock & roll power duo composed of David Stewart Jr, the US-raised/Peruvian-born frontman (vocals, bass, guitar) and Chava from Mexico (drums and live loops), has been rocking Boston for the past five years. New to LA, Migrant Motel is looking forward to rocking out on a stage near you."

Will Evans

New London

"Will Evans has spent the last decade as the primary song writer, drummer, and front man for the roots rock outfit Barefoot Truth. With Barefoot Truth now on an extended hiatus, Will has opened a new chapter in his musical journey."

Another Day Dawns


"Another Day Dawns is a hard rock band from northeast PA."